Copyright Resources

University Resources

This extensive site provides useful lessons and resources for the instructors, researchers, and librarians of the University of Illinois.

The University Library provides this web site as a means of bringing University, federal and even global copyright resources together.

If you create scholarly works at the University, you should read the information provided at this web site to understand how copyright affects your work.

This web site provides information about copyright policies for students living in University Housing and using the Housing Network.

The University’s Student Code lays outs the rights and responsibilities of students when it comes to copyright, in addition to penalties and punishments for violating the student code.

This site run by the Library focuses on the University’s stance against plagiarism.

The Office of Technology Management provides several useful publications to better understand how copyright can protect your creations.

Additional Resources

EDUCAUSE updates a list of web sites and services where you can legally obtain content such as music, movies and television shows.

The United States Copyright Office provides this useful document to help you understand the foundation of our copyright system.